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Sat Feb 26
Live! 8/7c

Karlton Humes

Nominee, Outstanding Social Media Personality

Karlton “NotKarltonBanks” Humes  really knows how to make people laugh through his gift of multiple personalities. It became no surprise that he quickly took on such an impact in the social media platform where talent and personality like his is not easily surpassed. Karlton “NotKarltonBanks” Humes is a 27 year old Missouri native who has come to be a social media phenomenon of our time. Humes captures his supporters through comedy by portraying as multiple characters who make up what is known as “IG COGIC”. Characters like Lee Lee, Sister Mary, Pastor, and Sweet Jee have become viewer’s favorites. Humes stated “I got my inspiration from my home church growing up. Lee Lee was actually me. I just made it a little girl.”  The familiarity of the characters who make up IG COGIC is what keeps so many people all across the globe coming back for more and demanding their presence on stages, tv screens, and even private events. With nearly 1 Million followers on Instagram, appearances in movies, plays, and his own television series, Humes continues to take social media charts by storm.

In his early career he partnered with the aspiring media group Eboticon to develop and create an array of NotKarltonBanks emojis that are available for smartphone users. When the app was released, it was the #2 most purchased application for emojis, which was second to comedian, Kevin Hart. In 2019, Humes had the opportunity to work with Mr. Tyler Perry in the film “A Madea Family Funeral”. Recently Humes has taken music comedy charts, after he introduced the character “Sweet Jee” and released a song featuring this newly introduced IG COGIC church member. The song gained high chart topping success, as fans became obsessed with the newly introduced character.

Humes continues to connect with supporters and bring new and exciting content to the social media world. Even in the midst of a pandemic, Humes manages to keep supporters on their toes because they never know what’s coming next.