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Sat Feb 26
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Eddie Murphy Enters the Hall of Fame

When it comes to giving credit where credit is due, it’s time we give Eddie Murphy his flowers.

When it comes to giving credit where credit is due, it’s time we give Eddie Murphy his flowers. Eddie Murphy knew his purpose in life at a very early age when he used to simply sit in front of the TV and developed a great skill for impressions. Being voted “most popular in high school”  after his debut Al Green Impression was just the beginning of everyone’s love for Thee Eddie Murphy. Murphy’s breakthrough came when he starred on Saturday Night Live, where he reignited the show. He auditioned for the part six times, and finally earned a place as an extra on the show. Although his comedy wasn’t clean, Murphy didn’t need anything but his wit to fill a room with laughter himself to make him funny. His two stand-up specials, ‘Delirious’ and ‘Eddie Murphy Raw’, were so phenomenal that they even influenced other comedians we cherish today like Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. As an unstoppable force of laughter, he gave the show a run for its money while also penetrating Hollywood to begin his acting career.

His first movies: ‘48 Hours’, “Trading Places’, ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ made the world believe in Murphy’s abilities. As Murphy became more prominent in the industry; he was no stranger to lifting as he climbed. In his films, he often had a mainly black cast as seen in Boomerang, Coming to America, Life, Harlem Nights, and Vampire in Brooklyn which helped more stars receive greater recognition. Although critics may have disliked some of his movies or thought they didn’t do as well, they did exactly what they were supposed to do for us as Black people. Eddie Murphy deserves this award because he poured into at least 5 generations of Black Culture in every aspect and genre while leaving his footprint in all of our homes. Turn to your neighbor and ask them who Eddie Murphy is and you just may get a raised brow and a side-eye as they say to you, “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO EDDIE MURPHY IS?” Murphy is more than an inspiration, he’s a legend. Murphy can play anything from a donkey to a Chinese man while showcasing his talent in comedies like Norbit but also, in dramas like Dream Girls. If that’s not legendary — what is?

Eddie Murphy was able to create music, write, direct, and dig into Philanthropy throughout his career. The best part about it all is the work isn’t done and hasn’t stopped yet. We will be expecting ‘Coming Two America’ this year and I speak for everyone when I say we can’t wait. Congratulations Eddie Murphy and welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Photo by Tyler Gordon 

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