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Sat Mar 27
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Tiara Wilson

Project Coordinator

Tiara Wilson is the Project Coordinator at the NAACP Hollywood Bureau. She works to communicate and coordinate for the Bureau to execute experiences, production, and media that drives the message of the NAACP.

Tiara has former experience with music, podcasts and media in which she’s done a hybrid of administrative and creative tasks to enable and improve efficiency at startups, record labels, and streaming platforms. All done with efforts of ameliorating representation of black voices and faces amongst media and entertainment.

As a graduate of NYU’s Music Business program, she has received her Bachelor’s degree and became a world traveler to expand her mind. She is a New Jersey native, and an LA resident. With interest in making spaces, experiences, and more opportunities  for those of the African diaspora, Tiara is excited by her work with the NAACP.