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Hollywood Bureau Conversations

Join the discussions and learn from voices inside the industry.

NAACP Young Creatives Hosted by Miles Brown

Hosted by Miles Brown (‘black-ish), the NAACP Young Creatives will feature accomplished young artists under the age of 16 to showcase their talent, and provide a platform for them to tell the story of their journey and the aspirations for the future. These Young Creatives have already demonstrated a passion and commitment to creative expression:

Inside the Industry: A Conversation with Industry Partners

Film, television, music, and the talent they showcase comprise major pillars of the entertainment industry. The NAACP Hollywood Bureau will host a series of discussions between the NAACP’s President and CEO, Derrick Johnson and principles of the following trade organizations that represent the interests of each medium:

  • CBS Studios – Monday 3/22 at 6pm EST
  • SAG-AFTRA/ The SAG Awards – Tuesday 3/23 at 6pm EST
  • The Television Academy/ The Emmy’s  – Wednesday 3/24 at 6pm EST
  • The Recording Academy/ The Grammy’s – Thursday 3/25 at 6pm EST
  • Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences/ The Oscars – Friday 3/26 at 6pm EST

Ultimately, these industry leaders make a direct and global impact on the shaping of hearts and minds, as they heavily influence the determination of which stories are told, who tells them, and how they are told.

These five conversations will be presented in the days preceding the 52nd NAACP Image Awards. Each segment will focus on the institutional philosophies and operational methodologies that reflect the value of racial and cultural diversity, with a particular emphasis on the depiction of

black people. The multi-layered topic will consider the internal and external efforts made by each institution in pursuit of equitable media representations. One objective of the series is to forge an intimate working relationship between the creative institutions and the NAACP Hollywood Bureau.

All content that airs in the virtual experience will be made available on demand the next day in the theatre.