Ruth Carter

Ruth E. Carter is the 2019 Academy Award winner in Costume Design for Marvel’s “BLACK PANTHER,” making history as the first African American to win in the category.

Carter wows audiences and dazzles critics alike with Afro future looks that empower the female form and turn a superhero into an African King. Inspired by African tribal wear, Carter fuses traditional and contemporary while incorporating technology to deliver fashion and function, cementing her as one of the preeminent voices and experts on Afro aesthetics.

A career spanning more than three decades in theater, cinema, and television, Carter has collaborated with some of the most prolific directors including Spike Lee, Steven Spielberg, late John Singleton, Ava DuVernay, and Ryan Coogler.

Carter’s depth of artistry, flowing together with her creative instincts, passion for culture and history, empathy for people, capacity for research, eye for detail, and ability to deliver the director’s vision, while infusing her own signature, makes her one of the most sought after and renowned costume designers in the world.

As a collection, Carter’s costumes, based on real and imaginative characters, provide an arc to the stories of African Americans so intriguing and unforgettable they influence music, fashion, culture, art, and film-making.

Earning her over forty film credits, including two Academy Award nominations for “MALCOLM X” (1993) and “AMISTAD” (1998), and an Emmy nomination for the reboot of the television mini-series “ROOTS” (2016). Carter received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame becoming only the second Costume Designer to receive a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (2021).